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[TRIAL] Cold Water Immersion

Reduce recovery time and get back to training with less risk of injuries!

Service Description

Maximise your post-workout recovery and enhance sporting performance with our advanced CWI recovery protocol ❄️ Finish off your session with a soothing hot soak for a perfect therapy session! By lowering your core body temperature and constricting your blood vessels, CWI Therapy offers the following benefits so you can get back to training faster! - Reduced inflammation, swelling and muscle soreness - Effective flushing out of waste products from your muscles - Decreased metabolic activity for accelerated recovery - Boosted production of sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, which coupled with your lower body temperature, creates a more relaxed state that's conducive to quality sleep. The post-CWI hot soak aids in muscle recovery by promoting circulation and initiating a relaxation response. >> SUITABLE FOR << Athletes and individuals who are: - Managing and injuries - Interested in boosting their recovery rate – training & racing - Experiencing sleep issues - Interested in reducing their risk of injury vs conventional methods >> THE PROCESS << ​- Upon your first session, our sport scientist will assess your fitness goals and targets. - A customised protocol will then be set based on your objectives.  - For package holders, the temperature and duration will be adjusted based on the individual's progression.  - Our CWI temperature can range from 10 - 15˚C (46 - 59˚F) over 15-30min. - Finish off with a hot soak to end the session. 

Contact Details

  • Telok Ayer Street, Singapore

    +65 8533 8586

  • 30 min
  • 20 Singapore dollars
  • Ministry of Fitness
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