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  • [TEST] Sweat Analysis (SA)

[TEST] Sweat Analysis (SA)

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Get your race hydration strategy sorted with our comprehensive Sweat Analysis! ðŸ’¦

Cramping or slowing down during your race? Created by and for elite athletes in Australia for hot humid climates, get your race hydration strategy sorted with our comprehensive Sweat Analysis!


Any issues such as upset stomach, early onset fatigue, or muscle cramping can be identified by the data collected (sweat rate and sodium concentration) during your Sweat Analysis. Understanding your unique physiological makeup allows you to address your needs and plan a hydration strategy accordingly! ðŸ‘ðŸ»



Athletes who want to:

- Prevent early onset fatigue during races due to dehydration

- Prevent muscle cramps

- Need help with their fluid/electrolyte replacement strategies



The sweat test will be conducted on a treadmill/bike. You will need to achieve a stipulated range of activity intensity throughout the test.


At the end of your assessment, the sweat samples collected will be analysed, and recommendations will be made based on the results.



Price for Single Test: $150


Can be purchased as part of an Integrative Bundle Testing: 

2-in-1 Testing: $400

3-in-1 Testing: $600 (by request only)

4-in-1 Testing: $800(by request only)

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