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[TRAIN] 20/20 (IHT+CWI)

Intermittent Hypoxic Training + Cold Water Immersion

Service Description

Introducing our 20/20 Protocol, where you get to experience the numerous benefits of IHT and CWI in one sitting! Not only is it super value for money, but it's also perfect for those who are short on time but still want to get their hypoxic training and recovery in! Each 20/20 Session lasts for around an hour and consists of a 20-min IHT, a 20-min CWI and 20 minutes for you to rinse off and pack up afterwards. >> SUITABLE FOR << 20/20 (IHT+CWI) is suitable for athletes and sports enthusiasts across different disciplines, especially those: - Managing injuries - Interested in boosting their recovery rate – training & racing - Experiencing sleep issues - Interested in reducing their risk of injury vs conventional methods >> THE PROCESS (IHT) << - You will be required to purchase a personal training mask and bring it to every session. - Put on your altitude training mask. - Alternate between intervals of hypoxic and normoxic breathing as instructed by our sport scientists. >> THE PROCESS (CWI) << - Upon your first session, our sport scientist will assess your fitness goals and targets. - A customised protocol (temperature & duration) will then be set based on your objectives. - For package holders, the temperature and duration will be adjusted based on the individual's progression. - Our CWI temperature can range from 10 - 15˚C (46 - 59˚F) over 15-30min. >> PRICING << Single Session - $60.00 10 Credit Pack - $420.00 > Each session of CWI/IHT/AHT/20-20 is counted as 1 session. > Packages can be shared with 1 other person. 3-mth Unlimited Credits - $1536 > Packages cannot be shared.

Contact Details

  • 91 Tanglin Road, UNDIVIDED Performance (UNDVD), Singapore

  • Telok Ayer Street, Singapore

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