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  • [TEST] Functional/Advanced Lactate Threshold Test (FLT/ALT)

[TEST] Functional/Advanced Lactate Threshold Test (FLT/ALT)

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Establish your baseline and find the correct HR zones to train in to maximise performance! ⭐


Having an efficient lactate-clearing system is an important component of endurance training and racing. The lactate test allows our sports scientists to identify your lactate threshold and determine accurate personal heart rate training zones that you can apply to maximise the benefits of every session that you do.



Clearing lactate is a fundamental physiological process for runners/bikers looking to:

- Have an easier time training for their race

- Have a more positive experience completing their race

- Improve their quality of training

- Improve their race performance



The test will be conducted on a treadmill/bike. The test protocol will be determined by our sports scientist based on your current ability and goals.


During the test, participants will complete a submaximal step test (speed increases with each step/stage) with small blood samples from a finger prick taken in between stages to measure blood lactate levels.


The test will conclude once 3.0 mmol/L (Functional) or 4.0 mmol/L (Advanced) of blood lactate has been accumulated.


The choice between the two tests depends on your specific goals and the level of detail you require in assessing your aerobic fitness and lactate threshold! 


At the end of your test, our sports scientist will explain the results, their application to training/racing and the ideal numbers you need to achieve to improve your performance!



Price for Functional Lactate Threshold Test: $150

Price for Advanced Lactate Threshold Test: $250


Can be purchased as part of an Integrative Bundle Testing: 

2-in-1 Testing: $400

3-in-1 Testing: $600 (by request only)

4-in-1 Testing: $800 (by request only)

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