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  • [TEST] 3D Gait Analysis

[TEST] 3D Gait Analysis

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Our Gait Analysis Test is tailored to optimise your running technique and prevent injuries. By analysing your gait pattern and biomechanics, we can identify any inefficiencies or imbalances that may lead to injuries or hinder performance.


Understanding your unique movement patterns enables personalised training recommendations to enhance your running efficiency and reduce the risk of injury! 🏃‍♀️


Runners looking to:

- Become more efficient at running

- Get individualised feedback and training tips to improve their running form

- Improve their race performance

- Reduce risk of injury




[Functional 3D Gait Analysis]

You will be asked to run on the treadmill at three different speeds (slow, moderate, and fast) for around 1-2 minutes at each speed. This assessment will help evaluate how your gait and stride pattern change with speed. A consolidated report will be sent to you within one week.


[Advanced 3D Gait Analysis]

Similar to the Fx 3D Gait Analysis, you will run on the treadmill at three different speeds (slow, moderate, and fast) for around 1-2 minutes each. Our Sports Scientist will next perform an on-the-spot assessment to provide recommendations and tips on how to improve your running form and efficiency. You will then undergo an additional test at the speed where your running economy requires the most improvement to evaluate the effectiveness of the new running form. At the end of your test, our Sports Scientist will explain the results, their application to training/racing, and how you can enhance your performance! A consolidated report will also be sent to you within a week.



Price for Functional 3D Gait Analysis: $150

Price for Advanced 3D Gait Analysis: $250

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