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  • [TEST] 2-in-1 Test - ALT+ SA

[TEST] 2-in-1 Test - ALT+ SA

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The 2-in-1 Test combines our:

- Advanced Lactate Threshold Test

- Sweat Analysis Test

offering a comprehensive yet convenient option for you to better understand your physiological responses to exercise and optimise your training regimen! ⭐


Understanding your Lactate Threshold predicts fatigue onset and guides targeted training while a Sweat Test provides personalised hydration strategies and enhances athletic performance! 🏃🏻



Athletes who want to:

- Improve their quality of training

- Improve their race performance

- Prevent early onset fatigue during races due to dehydration

- Prevent muscle cramps

- Need help with their fluid/electrolyte replacement strategies



Both tests will be completed simultaneously on a treadmill/bike. The test protocol will be determined by our sports scientist based on your current ability and goals.


During the test, participants will complete a submaximal step test (speed increases with each step/stage) with small blood samples from a finger prick taken in between stages to measure blood lactate levels. Sweat samples will also be collected.


The test will conclude once 4.0 mmol/L of blood lactate has been accumulated.


At the end of your test, our sports scientist will explain the results, their application to training/racing and the ideal numbers you need to achieve to improve your performance! The sweat samples collected will also be analysed, and recommendations will be made based on the results.

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